Life review

Life review(2024-01-30)

The more I try to simplify, the more complex it becomes.




In my pursuit of a simpler life, I switched from body wash to bar soap. But now, I can’t recall why a simpler life equated to using bar soap instead of body wash. In hindsight, body wash is actually more time-efficient. Many body washes come as a foam with just a push, and a lot of them contain moisturizing ingredients. Since they’re moisturizing, there’s no need to apply lotion after a bath. Though thorough moisturizing might be good, it’s a hassle I choose to skip.

I also revisited my subscriptions. I canceled those I rarely use or don’t utilize at all. Once subscribed, it’s easy to just let them roll over, but maybe it’s worth reviewing them every three months or so. Subscriptions don’t cost much individually, but over time, they add up.

Regularly re-evaluating what has become the norm in our lives, and adapting to a lifestyle that suits the current me, seems essential.